Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Hello April!

First off I would like to thank each of you for coming to 3-way conferences, it was so very nice to meet you all!

Now that we are into the month of April we will be going full speed until the end of June. These next few months will fly by quicker than you know.. I myself, am mentally preparing for how quickly it will go, before you know it we will be attending the grade 8 Farewell and heading out camping.

Here is what's happening in our room over the coming weeks!

In English we are wrapping up our novel study of "The Giver". The students have already presented their community group projects to the class and blew my expectations out of the water! Coming up they will have a few more assignments to complete before we move on to our next unit (Greek Mythology)

ELA due dates

April 16th- Giver Novel study booklet due
April 17th- Giver Individual Novel Study due
April 19th (PM)- we will be watching the most recent movie adaptation of the novel. I told the students they could bring in some snacks for the movie afternoon. There is also an assignment that goes along with this.


We are cruising through our Optics and Vision Unit and will be wrapping it up sometime at the end of April. We will be starting the prep work for our Cardboard Boat racing at the start of May.

Science important dates:
Optics and Vision exam tentative date: Thursday May 3,2018
Cardboard boat races: May 29th at Sask Polytechnic and Harry Bailey pool

We have been working on various aspects of digital photography over the last few weeks. The students have captured some pretty incredible images (it's crazy how well the iPhone cameras work)
We are in the starting phase of composing our digital photography portfolios.

Photography Portfolio assignment due April 24th

Other important dates for the month of April:

April 12th- Jersey Day in support of the Humboldt Broncos
April 16th- Student Retreat (in school/ all day) AND Giver Novel Package due
April 17th- The Giver Individual Assignments due
                 - Band Festival, loading bus at 12:25, performance at 1:45pm at the Cathedral of the Holy Family.

April 18th- Swimming with 7/8B at Lakewood Civic Center 12:25 departure
April 19th- PM movie afternoon for The Giver
April 24th and 25th- Teen Aid.

That is all for now!


Friday, 23 March 2018

Book Recommendations

Just a quick post here... so far during conferences the same questions have come up regarding book series to engage these guys.. the following link will provide you some excellent starting points for several different series of books that are all similar to The Giver, Divergent and Maze runner..

Now, with that being said I have not read all of these but some of them are excellent novels!



Happy Reading!

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Upcoming Assignments and a few important things!

Just a quick update on a few important things going on in our classroom.


In our health unit we have been working with one of the SAFESHIP nursing students all term. We are just starting the unit on sexual health. We will be covering some anatomy, fertility, STI's and chastity. If you hear some crazy stories from health (particularly about today's gym class) please know that we are doing our best to make the topics interesting and promote student engagement on the topics.


We have a unit exam on Wednesday March 14th, I assigned this exam a few weeks back and forgot to post about it on the blog.

We will be wrapping up our Water Systems unit and will be moving on to Optics. We have also registered for the Cardboard Boat races, a partnership with Sask Polytechnique, which will take place near the end of the year.


We have started our Novel study of  "the Giver". I cannot stress this enough, please do not watch the movie until we are done reading in class. The students have a few assignments to be completed throughout the course of the novel study.  Here are the due dates that they have already:

Friday March 16- Ceremony of 12 point of view assignment
March 29th- Community group project.
April 10th- The Giver final project (individuals choice)

Phys Ed:
We have wrapped up our basketball unit and will be moving on to a fitness based unit, exploring various types of activities from fitness testing to yoga!

That's all for now !

Don't forget to sign up for 3 way conferences. Just a note, portfolios will not be coming home prior to conferences as we have not had many major assignments to add to the portfolios since my return. During conferences we will be going through a student led approach as the students will walk us through the conference.

Mrs. Baron

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

March Madness

Welcome back after February Break, I hope you all enjoyed some family time with some rest and relaxation.

March is upon us and it is shaping up to be a busy month. When I look at our calendar it seems we have something on the go almost every day.

Here is what is on the go for the month of March:

March 5th- SKI TRIP
Our agenda for that day is as follows:
6:20 am -Attendance in classroom, please arrive before 6:20
6:30- Board busses
6:45- Away we go
9:00 arrival at ski hill
3:00- Rental returns
3:30- Depart ski hill for Saskatoon
6:00 (approximately) arrive back at school.

March 7th- Our novel study arrives! We are going to be starting "The Giver". The students have all been given all the information they need for this study. There will be no final exam but instead they will be marked on 3 separate parts of information: 1.group inquiry project developing their own utopian communities. 2. individual project- They have to choose one of the 11 options I have given them and 3. the handout package with activities and chapter questions.

March 9th- Science test, this is a mid unit test that will cover the material up until this point. I have given the students a review to begin their studying in advance.

March 12th: - PLD day no school

March 16th- Portfolios come home, please take a look at them and go through them with your child. During 3 way conferences we won't get a chance to go through them together.

March 19th- Easter Basket Assembly. Once again this year we are putting together Easter baskets to be raffled off as a fundraiser. This year the money raised will go towards the Playground fund. As a class we decided that the theme of our basket will be "mystery" meaning that the contents of our basket will not be visible from the outside (sort of like a grab bag or surprise bag). We discussed if we wanted to contribute items or have everyone bring $2-3 and I will go shopping for the contents. If you could send the money with your child to school that would be great. I have even suggested that maybe they use their own money to put towards this as part of a Lenten project. The baskets will be on display and tickets sold the week of 3 way conferences and will be drawn for on the 28th, prior to holy Thursday.

March 22-23- 3 way conferences, please see newsletter for sign up times. During conferences I look forward to meeting you all! In our time together we will be going over some of the goals that the students have set for themselves and plan where they want to be for the remainder of the school year.

March 29th- The way of the Cross

Our class is signed up to present the stations of the Cross on March 29th at 9:15 am. We will be demonstrating the stations of the cross via a shadow play. The students are taking this on and are expressing their creative opinions  and views on how we should represents each station. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Following that is Easter Break ! And then the remainder of the school year will fly by!


Mrs. Baron

Monday, 5 February 2018

Welcome to February!

We are well into the swing of things after transitioning back to me as the classroom teacher. We have had a great week back, you all have great kids!

Here is whats going on in February for us:


We are continuing on with the water systems unit that they began after Christmas. We will be having a test some time in the near future, the date is still TBA (I will post the date as we get closer to the test). We are currently working on the water table and water cycle. The students have been assigned a water cycle assignment where I have asked them to creatively come up with a way to demonstrate their knowledge of the water cycle. I have given them the option to do this project in groups of 2 or 3 or individually. This is a fun assignment as I have always seen many different ways of completing this assingment (from writing a rap, to cartoon strips to a children's storybook-- the sky is the limit).

Water cycle assignment due date : February 12th, 2018

We just started a new unit entitled "Becoming myself". In this unit we will be exploring the characteristics that make us who we are, and what qualities build our identities. We will be starting on a novel study at the end of the month, we will be reading "The Giver". This novel study comes with two really fun projects. The kit will be arriving at the end of the month and we will be working on this throughout March.

We are also in the process of working on writing and tackling the big job of writing a good thesis statement, and what makes up a well written essay (Into, body paragraphs, conclusions are all being worked on right now)

Phys. Ed

We are working on our basketball unit and are having fun doing so!


We are lucky enough to have a SafeSHIP nurse working with us at the moment. Nurse Mackenzie has already talked about Mental Health and we are moving on to Positive Peer relationships and Drugs and Alcohol. She will also be helping out with Fully Alive when we begin that (the books should be arriving some time this week).


We are just wrapping up a paper quilling heart project for Valentine's Day. They look awesome and are on display outside of the classroom.

We will be doing some visual art in the next little while and moving into a photography unit, so if your students come home and ask to take your picture, just "say cheese"!

I have taken over the french portion of the week. We are starting a new unit all about Food and Restaurants. My goal is to get them speaking and using what they are learning!

Volume Post Assessment exam - Friday February 9th

Other Notes and important dates:

Holy Cross Visit -February 8th 
We are being picked up by bus at 12:15 on Thursday and will be returning to the school at 2:45.  ( for those of you whose children play on the bball teams are are scheduled to play at 3:00 we will just be starting the games a bit later than usual.)

Valentines Day Celebrations:

In case you haven't noticed yet, this year Valentine's day and Ash Wednesday fall on the same day. Because of this we have decided to move our Valentine's day celebrations to Tuesday February 13th and keep Ash Wednesday as a day for prayer and reflection. When we discussed as a class what we would like to do Valentine's Day we settled on having a Pot Luck Lunch and some activities with our care partners in the afternoon. I put up a sign up sheet on the bulletin board and they have chosen what  they would like to bring.

I believe that is all for now, folks!

Mrs. Baron

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Welcome to Grade 8 Baron

Hello All!

Welcome to the blog for grade 8 Baron. Here you will find dates for assignments, tests, exams, field trip and all the goings on for our classroom.

I would like to thank the students for welcoming me back to the classroom so wonderfully! I have aimed to make it as smooth of a transition as possible, and hopefully they feel the same!

Miss Sakowsky and I met a few times prior to my return so that we could plan together where we were going in all subjects.

Please don't hesitate to email me at mbaron@gscs.ca, call me at the school (306)659-7370 or pop in and say hello.  I am looking forward to meeting everyone.

A few reminders:
Pajama day -- February 1st, 2018 -- $1 to participate (money raised being donate to the Children's Hospital foundation)

Immunizations-- February 1st, 2018 in the AM

Ski trip form are due back February 6th, 2018

Holy Cross registration forms are due back February 6th, 2018

Holy Cross visit -- February 8th, 2018 in the afternoon the students and I will be going to Holy Cross for the afternoon for a tour and pep rally.

That is all the information I have to share right now but will be updating the blog regularly.

Have a good day!

Mrs. Baron